Moving to another country with the goal of settling there, either temporarily or permanently, is known as immigration. People move for a variety of reasons, such as job opportunities, the desire to further their education, escaping persecution or other forms of violence, reuniting with family, and many others. Immigration has had a significant role in the development of communities and cultures throughout human history.

The act of going to a country to live or work while not having citizenship or being a native is known as immigration. But there are several steps involved in the full immigration procedure. People must therefore get assistance from the top Chandigarh immigration consultants in order to follow each step correctly.

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If the right processes are taken, anyone can live anywhere they choose without having citizenship. As a result, depending on the country they enter, individuals who cross international borders during immigration, such as while applying for an Australia student visa in Chandigarh, are either immigrants or migrants. On the other side, the nation they are leaving sees them as emigrants or recipients of assistance.